Cosmetic dentistry

A section that restores your smile to you and offers all kinds of conservative and cosmetic treatments of all kinds, such as white fillings and lenses
The sticker and the Hollywood smile
Through teeth whitening and other cosmetic services, the quality management was keen to provide the latest devices
Innovative and safe in this field

Adhesive cosmetic faces: a thin, tooth-colored crust that is often placed on the outer face of the teeth.
The front without side markings
These veneers are made and affixed to change the color or size of the teeth, in order to improve the shape of the teeth and the appearance of a smile
Porcelain veneer or white filling and porcelain veneer is better because it resists stains well.
Better and can reflect clarity better as natural teeth include:

Veneers: It is a cosmetic veneer that gives a bright color homogeneous with the rest of the teeth, as it is used cosmetic to close the spaces between
Teeth in addition to being used as a veneer that covers tooth pigmentation
Luminaire: a 2.0 mm thick cosmetic lens that is placed on the teeth without any preparation to correct tooth pigmentation and problems
Teeth spaces and asymmetries
Teeth whitening: Bleaching is done with the most modern bleaching devices in the world, using a laser and plasma device to whiten the teeth for each
Cases of tooth pigmentation, including teeth with a canal pulled and teeth that were exposed to bruises, and this device has arrived
Recently, to the east of Riyadh, which is an American device, where the time is shortened with this device and without side effects, and the result will be
The patient gets white teeth without the tooth being affected