Orthodontic Section

A specialized department for treating orthodontic and maxillofacial cases using the latest metal orthodontic devices, including cosmetic
And transparent and similar to the color of the teeth in addition to the presence of rapid systems, which are considered the latest technology in the world of orthodontics
the teeth
– The latest technology in treating all cases of dental anomalies and smiling in adults and the elderly
Self-bonding braces (Damon) to straighten teeth without pain and without tooth extraction in most cases
– Small orthodontic implants for the treatment of gingival smile and protruding teeth without extraction
Cosmetic orthodontic devices
Transparent templates
A specialized department for treating orthodontic cases and jaw deformities under the supervision of the most skilled consultants and specialists
Provide an integrated treatment plan for calendar cases using:
Plaster casts
3D rays
– Panoramic rays and rays of the face side
Providing therapeutic orthodontic programs for all age groups for children, adults and the elderly, using the latest orthodontic devices
Providing devices to restore the lost distance of permanent teeth for children who lost that distance for any reason