Pediatric Dentistry

A unit specially equipped to receive children and achieve comfort and safety for them in an enjoyable atmosphere that includes the necessary types of treatment
For children’s teeth, in addition to making the necessary prevention from diseases of the teeth and gums and for early diagnosis of cases that
You call the calendar later
What distinguishes us:
Dental treatment
Preserving the teeth by setting up periodic follow-up programs for the growth and health of the teeth
– Make distance keepers
Silver and cosmetic fillings
Devices that curb bad habits such as finger sucking
Anesthesia with laughing gas
Fluoride and resistance to tooth decay:
The doctor applies a white substance containing fluoride in high concentration to the child’s teeth, using a holder that fits the child’s mouth
The dental arch for a period of four minutes, and he must abstain from eating and drinking for half an hour
Dental protective fillings:
They are fillings made of a special material that is white or transparent, and these fillings are placed on chewing surfaces
For the back teeth without the need to dig surfaces or give an anesthetic because these surfaces contain many depressions
The grooves are a suitable place for food residue to be collected and most often tooth decay starts from these areas.