Oral and Maxillofacial

Department Services:
Surgical extraction of totally and partially impacted wisdom teeth
– Cutting the peak and removing the climacteric lesions under the tooth
Removing gingival growths and treating them with a laser
Treatment of jaw joint problems caused by malocclusion
Surgical opening of embedded canines
Examination of temporary or permanent teeth
Suturing the wounds of the lip, cheek, tongue and gums using cosmetic sutures
Re-implantation of dislocated teeth for falls, especially for children
Treatment of temporomandibular joint and jaw muscle problems
Supervision of a group of consultants in the field of maxillofacial surgery
We perform oral and maxillofacial surgery in a cosmetic way by restoring the correct jaws and correcting the dishes
Dental surgery and implantation are carried out by consultants using the latest techniques of radiography
Computer, digital and video imaging of the mouth and teeth to help in the accuracy and speed of diagnosis